Sunday, July 2, 2023

Top Ten #255: Special Independence Day Weekend Edtion!

1) Fourth of July: Well, some of us have to work tomorrow, but we have a day off on Tuesday! USA! And happy belated Canada Day!

2) ABC's Star-Spangled Celebration (1987): Our podcast this week features the biggest televised July 4 celebration...of that year...on long as you don't count pay cable, which had the HBO Welcome Home concert.

Well, we enjoyed it!

3) Uncle Sam Magoo: Quincy watches over me as I write this very list!

4) Alfonso Ribiero: The former Silver Spoons star will emcee A Capitol Fourth on PBS this year.

5) Wimbeldon 1983 Final: 40 years ago today, Martina Navratilova defeated Andrea Jaeger with ease for her fourth title.

6) Indiana Jones: The old guy returns for yet another adventure this weekend.

7) Captain America: Reb Brown is almost as much an American icon as Quincy Magoo!

8) ALF on ALF: Shout! Factory TV now offers 4 episodes with exclusive commentary from the Melmacian himself.

9) Sid Caesar: 40 years ago tonight, NBC reran an episode of Saturday Night Live in which the cast paid tremendous tribute to host Caesar, urging the crowd to give him a standing ovation, naming him an honorary cast member, and letting him ignore Joe Piscopo.

10) R.I.P. Alan Arkin: Not a big TV career, but a great screen career. Here's the intro to a rare show that starred Arkin, Richard Lewis, Thom Bray, and Holland Taylor. Set in a hospital, the ABC show debuted and ended in March 1987.

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