Sunday, July 30, 2023

Top Ten #259: Special "Got this up kind of late" Edition

1) MASH: We revisited the series on the podcast this week, and I continued to refuse to write it with the asterisks in the title. Hawkeye would have appreciated my sticking to principles, right?

2) David Ogden Stiers: Mike and I agree that Winchester is an excellent addition to the series. That kind of snob character might be timeless. The man cared about things other than himself, as this spot indicates:

3) Mike Farrell: I don't know that we said a whole lot about him this week, so here you go!

4) Colonel Potter: I thought his dialogue was a tad ripe in "Bless You, Hawkeye," but I do enjoy Harry Morgan in the show--maybe even more than in Exo-Man, if you can believe that.

5) Chuck Norris: The icon settled his lawsuit alleging malfeasance over Walker, Texas Ranger profits. In lieu of a comment, I will just refer you here and ask you to look for one involving the legal realm.

6) Stifling heat: It's what much of the USA is discussing, and I only wish it were the cool 1984 Hawaiian Heat:

7) Charley Pride: 50 years ago tonight, ABC's Monday Night Baseball welcomed country music superstar to the booth for a little guest commentary. Pride did play pro baseball, but I wonder if this was in part a form of revenge for this:

8) Geraldo Rivera: Good Night America: Also on this night in 1973, ABC followed the game with an installment of its Wide World of Entertainment series at 11:30, and Rivera's show was up this Monday night with a clip saluting The Beatles, an interview with Senator Ted Kennedy, and more.

The New York Times discussed the Rivera show in that day's paper. Howard Thompson writes, "It might be a good idea to have this young man around these late evenings." He adds, "A more engaging host could not be found at this hour, which traditionally triggers in some of our baldest egos, blandness, and smut."

9) MLB Trade Deadline: Baseball teams have to make trades (basically) by August 1. Why? Because on August 1, everyone will be too busy checking to see if there any TV shows are added to Tubi.

10) R.I.P. Inga Swenson. I will once again quote Benson DuBois: "Mumble, mumble, mumble, KRAUS!"

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