Sunday, July 23, 2023

Top Ten #258: Special "Ain't paying for Tubi unless it brings back "Maverick" and "Family" Edition

1) TV Guide: Once again, our bonus episode this week proves that nothing gets you into it like TV Guide!

2) Bob Crane, Ed Asner, Don Knotts, Tim Conway: And the entire cast of Gus, which gets some love from Mike on the podcast as we play our listings game with September 11, 1982.

3) I Love a Mystery: 50 years ago tonight, Ida Lupino, David Hartman, and Don Knotts (He was all over the Seventies) appeared in this NBC TV movie. Who doesn't love a mystery when David Hartman is on the case? The comedy/mystery is available in full here, but a clip is below:

4) Bert Convy: We salute Bert on what would have been his 90th birthday!

5) Texaco: I still feel bad about talking about Texaco on the podcast and not putting Bob Hope in the playlist! I hope this makes up for it:


6) Barbie: Too bad there was never an Oppenheim and the Rockers cartoon. I see Oppenheimer as more of a Stephen Cannell show with car chases and of course at least one big explosion!

7) Weekend Special: Winged Colt: 40 years ago today, ABC reran part one of a 1977 3-parter focusing on--wait for it--a horse born with wings.

8) Peter Allen: The flamboyant performer tore it up with the Rockettes on one of the specials featured in our episode this week. It was a big year for Allen, who won an Oscar for Arthur.

9) ALF: Shout! announced it will release the complete series on DVD in october, and unlike previous Lionsgate releases, it will not consist of chopped-for-syndication episodes and will be mostly intact. Does this mean all the edited versions on streaming outlets (like Shout TV) will be replaced?

10) R.I.P. Tony Bennett: We just celebrated the Fourth with Tony! And Bob Urich and Oprah and Barbara Mandrell and...

What a career Bennett had!

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