Sunday, July 9, 2023

Top Ten #256: Special "Is it too late to talk about Independence Day?" Edition!

1) Dennis the Menace: Maybe the 1959 show version isn't as menacing as the others, but it's an enjoyable watch, and we enjoyed talking about all versions of the character on the podcast this week.

2) Charles Lane: It felt good to get the venerable actor, ubiquitous in the classic TV era, on the podcast, and it felt even better that he was able to outgrouch Mr. Wilson!

3) National Ice Cream Month: And I tell you, all that talk about Dennis' endorsement career has made me want some ice cream. Let's give equal time to some other chains, though:

4) Benson: Antenna celebrates this Sunday with a Benson-a-thon! As Benson himself would say, "[Mumble mumble mumble] KRAUS!"

5) Hot dogs: What goes better with ice cream than hot dogs? Antacid? No, come on, we can all agree the hot dog is one of the quintessential American summer foods. Now, whether it is a sandwich or not...

6) Elton John: The 76-year-old icon gave his farewell concert this weekend. You think of Elton as a 1970s star, or at least I do, but he had a surprisingly robust presence on MTV in the Eighties. Then there is this:

7) John Tesh: Has there been too much Tesh on this page lately? Nay, there has not been enough! Happy birthday to the multitalented TV and music star.

8) Alan Alda: Alda is putting up for auction the dog tags and boots he wore on MASH. Does the price go up or down if he washes them first?

9) Reggie Jackson: I watched the 2023 Prime Video doc Reggie this week and enjoyed it but was disappointed by the lack of mention of his Hall of Fame performance on The Jeffersons.

10) R.I.P. Nicolas Coster: 

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