Sunday, January 5, 2020

BOTNS Top Ten #49

1) Carl Weathers: You think he peaked in the 1980s? Think again, and move over, Baby Yoda, for the greatness that is Weathers as Greef Karga in The Mandalorian.

2) Vic Tayback: I don't want any dingy broads (or dingy dudes) refusing to celebrate the late Tayback's birthday. He died way too young at 60.

3) It's a Living: The 1980s sitcom, not widely seen in recent years (I think it was on Logo for a while) debuted on Antenna TV this week.

4) Wheel of Fortune: The forever-running game show debuted on this date in 1975. Kids have Sesame Street to help learn the alphabet, adults have Wheel for those valuable refreshers.

5) Neil Innes:  Many, many people have tried to get humor out of the whole world of The Beatles. No one has topped Innes, who died this week.  All You Need Is Cash, with songs by Innes, may be the funniest TV special of all time despite being an absolute flop when it aired on NBC in 1978.

Wow, I just checked, and its opposition that night was a repeat of Charlie's Angels followed by Perry Como's Easter by the Sea and an airing of the 1976 disaster movie parody The Big Bus. Shame on you, 1978 America!

6) Lisa Whelchel: Her Collector's Call series on Me-TV gets a second season beginning next Sunday. She is a grandmother according to her Twitter feed. Excuse me while I go cry in my Edna's Edibles collectible cookie tin.

7) Bonnie Franklin: Happy birthday to the late Franklin, star of One Day at a Time, certainly not a dingy broad.

8) My Three Sons: Season 5 MOD DVDs came out this week. At this rate, CBS will get to our era, the 1970 season or so, in about 2042.

9) Jack Sheldon: R.I.P. to the voice of Schoolhouse Rock's I'm Just a Bill and, lest we forget, a sidekick of good ol' Merv Griffin:


10) Wild Kingdom: The longtime staple of syndicated weekend programming actually debuted on this date in 1963, and...zzz....sorry, what? It debuted in 196...zzz....Sorry, but is it wrong to say I never made it through an entire episode?

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