Friday, January 10, 2020

Show Notes: Episode 7-2: Pray for the Wildcats

*We hope you enjoy our first foray into TV movies this episode! Let us know if you'd like to hear us do more in the future!

*The ABC Movie of the Week was a staple of the primetime lineup from 1969 to 1975. This Mental Floss article lists some other notable examples if you want to check out more of the telefilms.

*Pray for the Wildcats premiered January 23, 1974 on ABC, followed by Doc Elliott (a short-lived medical drama with James Franciscus). CBS offered The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Cannon, and Kojak.

NBC countered with Chase (the first show by Stephen J. Cannell) and The Questor Tapes (a pilot for a proposed Gene Rodenberry series). This episode of Chase featured Pat Harrington, Mel Torme, Larry Manetti, and Sherry Jackson.

Pray for The Wildcats - 1974 - Movie Poster

*The 1974 AMA Motocross National Championship season saw Jimmy Weinert emerge on top. Sam Farragut does not appear in the official standings.

*According to Wikpedia, the movie was shot in Baja California, with a studio outside Tucscon standing in for the Mexico portions.

*It's commonly thought humans can survive several weeks in the desert without food but only several days without food.

*Click here for the Film Threat piece we mention on the podcast, complete with the reference to Andy Griffith's horrible dream!

*Wildcats received several legitimate home video releases, but a new Blu-Ray edition of the movie, complete with a new audio commentary, is on the way from Kino-Lorber, scheduled for release March 3.  So the movie is on YouTube now, but it may not be for long!

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