Sunday, January 26, 2020

Top Ten #52

1) What a Country: Isn't it about time for a revival of this late great 1980s syndicated sitcom? You can start by listening to this week's podcast episode!

OK, maybe it's not one of the essential shows we have covered, but until someone puts Night Court on a legit streaming service, catching WAC on YouTube may be our best shot at vintage Yakov Smirnoff.

2) Head of the Class: Isn't it about time for--Oh, never mind. It does seem to be a bit of a forgotten show, though, with a run on Antenna TV and a stint on AOL's In2TV (remember that)? its main exposure in recent years.

3) Leonid Brezhnev: Say what you will about the guy, but the Cold War talk on this episode made me miss the jokes about Soviet leaders in the 1980s.

4) John Karlen: R.I.P. to the actor who was perhaps best known for playing Harvey, Cagney's husband. Wait, I mean Lacey. No, it was Cagney. Well, it was Tyne Daly's husband, I know that. Maybe Harvey was married to &.

5) Bob McGrath: The Sesame Street legend made an appearance on The Carson Podcast this week, and it's always great to see he's still around. Plus when asked about phasing out his appearances on the show, he said, "I wasn't gonna stick around if they were gonna let that red SOB Elmo ruin it."

6) Bob Uecker: Happy birthday to Mr. Baseball, also one of the subjects of our look at Greatest Sports Legends. It's never a bad time to look at one of these ads:

7) L.A. Law: I had to look it up and verify there really was a show of this name that lasted 8 seasons and over 170 episodes after Harry Hamlin said his career was "completely ended" by playing a gay man in a 1982 movie.

8) Gene Siskel: Happy birthday to the late movie reviewer, who was obviously the second-most prominent critic in Chicago behind...Gary Deeb.

9) The Dukes of Hazzard: The series premiered this date in 1979:

10) Jim Lehrer: R.I.P. to one half of the only news team to rock harder then Huntley and Brinkley.  He also moderated 12 presidential debates, but don't hold that against him.

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