Saturday, January 18, 2020

YouTube Spotlight: Sonny Bono IS Deacon Dark

One of the more intriguing clips in this week's playlist based on our 3-2-1 Contact episode is this clip from The Love Boat:

Yes, that is the late Sonny Bono as an Alice Cooper/Gene Simmons type (the band is clearly suggesting KISS, but the performance itself is a bit more Cooper, I think), singing Smash It!  This is from the second-season episode Murder on the High Seas/Sounds of Silence/Cyrano De Bricker from March 17, 1979.

What a showman! You have to see this classic to watch his story of looooove unfold, but I think Captain Stubing says it all at the end of the performance: "He's no Jerry Vail."

And admit it, aren't you a little curious about Cyrano De Bricker?

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