Sunday, January 12, 2020

Top Ten #50

1) William Shatner/Andy Griffith/Marjoe/Robert Reed: How can I pick one of these gents, the co-stars of Pray for the Wildcats, over the other? Well, I give Shatner top billing because he's Shatner, of course. But otherwise...

2) All in the Family: The prequel to the popular Woody Harrelson/Marisa Tomei series debuted on this date in 1971.

3) Batman: It's outside our normal time frame, but the 1966 version of the Caped Crusader debuted on this date as well. Given how many times Adam West returned to the cowl, I think it's legit to celebrate this version of the character here.

4) Dynasty: Yet another high-profile debut on this date: The prime-time soap debuted on ABC in 1981. We did cover it a few seasons ago, but I'm still not sure I know who started that cabin fire.

5) Kirstie Alley: Happy birthday to the former Rebecca Howe, born this day in 1951.

6) Buck Henry: R.I.P. to the star of so many of the most memorable Saturday Night episodes, in addition to a vast body of work outside of that show.

7) Paul Williams: This week I enjoyed a Fantasy Island episode in which Williams played a man who wished to be part of a harem but found himself as a boy toy for Jayne Meadows.  How can you not love TV of that era?

8) The Fall Guy: Decades ran a weekend marathon of the show.  Hey...a-hey, hey!

9) Jeopardy! The "Greatest Ever" tournament is drawing big numbers for ABC in prime time, but personally I still say I find it illegitimate if if doesn't include Chuck Forrest.

10) Keno Nagasaki: R.I.P. to the guy who figured in some of the best pro wrestling on TV that I ever saw: 1989 NWA.

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