Tuesday, May 5, 2020

1970s and 1980s TV on Hoopla

One of the coolest resources for borrowing books and streaming TV and movies is Hoopla, which is accessible through participating library systems. The number of borrows you get each calendar month is determined by your local library, and mine recently doubled the number, making it easier to "burn" them on TV episodes.

Even as the world attempts to emerge from quarantine, Hoopla remains a valuable and totally FREE resource, and you can view TV shows on your computer, your phone, or best of all on its Roku app.  Here is the 1970s and 1980s television I found on Hoopla. Most of them are courtesy of an apparent licensing agreement with MPI Home Video.

Poldark: Not the modern version, but the original BBC production of the Winston Graham novels.  Both seasons are available.
The Doris Day Show: The ever-changing sitcom aired on CBS 1968-1973. All 5 seasons are available.

Family Affair: Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot co-star with adorable kids in this gentle CBS family sitcom that ran on CBS 1966-1971. All 5 seasons are on Hoopla.

Dark Shadows: The original run lasted till 1971, just peeking into the BOTNS era, but the Hoopla offerings only span 1967-1968--"Collections" 1-9 from MPI.

Robin of Sherwood: This 1984-1986 series debuted on ITV but also aired in the USA on Showtime and on PBS stations. All 3 seasons are on Hoopla.

Here's Lucy: Lucille Ball's follow-up to The Lucy Show ran 6 seasons (1968-1974) on CBS, and the whole series is available.

The Merv Griffin Show: A package of compilations--I think the same one that has been on streamers like Hulu, IMBD TV, and Tubi--of the long-running talk show is on Hoopla. There are 38 "episodes" ranging from the 1960s to the 1980s.

The "one episode=one borrow" policy doesn't seem too bad for hourlong episodes, but it seems a little stingy when you consider you might be able to borrow a whole disc of them from a physical library. However, the service is easy to use and FREE.  if you are into classic TV and don't have the DVDs or other streaming outlets, you can get older material like The Honeymooners Lost Episodes, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Donna Reed Show, and more.

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