Sunday, May 31, 2020

Top Ten #70

1) Sesame Street: Gets the top spot because, out of all that--buzzword alert--content available on HBO Max, this is the closest thing to what we could consider a "vintage" television series.

2) KITT: Did you know it was Autonomous Vehicle Day? If you see one today, but it a beer.

3) Mr. Belvedere: The surviving cast reunited on Zoom for charity--yes, all of them, even Brice Beckham.

4) John Houseman: One of the original bad asses of the small screen called out T.J. Hooker in a promo we shared earlier this week.  When he talks, people tremble.

5) Richard Herd: R.I.P. to the prolific non-Karl Malden who, long before he was Wilhelm on Seinfeld, starred in shows like T.J. Hooker.  I hope this finally quashes that long beef with Houseman.

6) Night Court: The final episode aired this date in 1992. It's not, I would just like to point out, on HBO Max.

7) Sharon Gless: happy Birthday to Cagney! Or is ir Lacey. Damn it, I always do that.  Happy birthday to the fine star of Switch!

8) Celebrity Comedy Football Classic: We mentioned this earlier this week. Hal Linden you have the juice to make this happen: We NEED a release of this program!

9) Steven Kampmann: Happy birthday to one of the forgotten alumni of Newhart, the first two seasons' Kirk, and also a writer on WKRP.

10) Matlock: Or perhaps I should say, "Maaaaaaatlooooock!" It gets a marathon on Decades this weekend.

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