Sunday, May 24, 2020

Top Ten #69

1) Justice League: Snyder cut? BAH! If HBO Max really wants to reward/gain subscribers, it will give us a remastered version of the 1997 pilot.  But since that is outside our time frame, here's a look at the Super Friends, who are also more compelling:

2) Fred Willard: As beloved as he became in later years through appearances in the Christopher Guest movies and--well, wow, what wasn't he in--perhaps his best work was as the clueless sidekick Jerry Hubbard on Fernwood 2Night.

(BTW, shout-out as well to the late Phyllis George, who we talked about earlier this week.)

3) Brothers: On National Brother's Day, let's recall one of the forgotten long-running series of the 1980s, Brothers, which aired on Showtime--OK, now I can see why it was forgotten--in the second half of the decade.  The main "hook" was that it featured an openly gay character, but the sitcom ran for 115 episodes!

4) Henry Winkler: Props to the star for sharing a glimpse of Fonzie's jacket on The Tonight Show Friday night, but, uh...didn't I already see that in person at the Smithsonian? Did Henry Winkler steal the Fonz's jacket from the Smithsonian?

5) The Powers of Matthew Star: Speaking of Happy Days, the series returns to Me-TV in June, but the big story is that this 1982 NBC series will be on the channel as well! granted, it's only Sundays at 6:00 in the morning, but it's one hour they won't be showing Andy Griffith!

6) The Dean Martin Show: On this day in 1974, NBC aired the last episode of Dino's variety show.  You think they might have had a drink or two to celebrate?

7) Gary Burghoff: Happy birthday to the star of AfterMASH!

8) Head of the Class: Warner Archive is bringing out the first season on DVD next month. Still no word on What a Country!

9) T.J. Hooker: Decades has a marathon this weekend.  But wait. Is a certain crusty acting veteran coming after Hooker? More on this in a Promo Theatre post later this week!

10) St. Elsewhere: Just because! We just talked about the series, but here's a syndication promo that was just uploaded. It doesn't really strike me as a 4:00 P.M. show, though:

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