Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Retro Fan Magazine catches up with Reb Brown, TV's Captain America!

The current issue of RetroFan magazine gives the cover spotlight to BOTNS favorite. We talked about the 1979 CBS Captain America movies here, and we also found him in a Facts of Life episode. Of course he's been in all kinds of other roles in his career, but this interview focuses on his stint as the Sentinel of Liberty.

My biggest takeaway is that Brown seems like a great guy--humble, friendly, and thankful to the fans and for his experience as Cap. He keeps using the word "purity" to describe what compelled him to the character.

Here are some other items that strike me:

*He says the reason the movies didn't go to series was that Marvel jacked up its licensing fee and there would have been no budget left to do anything but show him riding his motorcycle in his living room. He adds that it broke his heart it didn't become a series.

*He was not asked to be in the 1980s Hulk movies on NBC but would have loved to have done them.

*Similarly, someone reached out to him about doing a cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he was game, but then they never got back to him.  Boo!

*He got the part while under contract with Universal and getting a meeting with producer Allan Balter. They just clicked, and the part was his.

*Unfortunately, they didn't ask him about this:

It's a cool interview in another fine magazine from the folks at TwoMorrows Publishing.

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