Sunday, May 17, 2020

Top Ten #68

1) Garry Marshall: Say what you will about the legendary producer.director/writer, but it's not bad to get a 2-hour network special in prime time 4 years after you're gone.  I haven't seen it yet, and so I can't verify that it devoted a good 10 minutes to...

2) Loni Anderson: Friday marked the 40th anniversary of The Fantastic Funnies on CBS, and Anderson was an adept host who actually seemed to enjoy talking about comic strips.  Check out this post for more.

3) Darth Vader: Yesterday we mentioned Darth's work promoting the Saturda-morning lineups of both ABC and CBS in 1977.  Oh, how I wish I could share (or just SEE, for that matter) footage of Vader choking Jim Backus--a battle that must have rivaled Solomon Grundy vs. Ed McMahon--but we will have to settle for this:

4) Kathleen Sullivan: Happy birthday to the former broadcaster, born this day in 1953.  Remember when for about 6 months it seemed she was gonna be the Next Big Thing?

5) Mannix: If you're not getting enough two-fisted investigators in your life--I know i am not--Decades has you covered with a marathon of Mannix this week. So I'm gonna post this awesome TV Land promo because it still cracks me up:

6) The Krypton Factor: Hey, with everyone hungering for live sports to come back, why doesn't ABC show reruns of the ultimate in human competition?

7) Jerry Stiller: R.I.P. to the star of...well, lots of things, but we were intrigued by The Stiller and Meara Show when we looked at June 1986 in our most recent TV Guide Game podcast.

8) Marty Pasko: R.I.P. to the comics scribe and animation/TV writer and editor.  he worked on things as diverse as Thundaar and Simon and Simon and also did a lot of work on this one:

 9) The Equalizer: A female-slanted reboot starring Queen Latifah will hit CBS next season.

10) Scooby-Doo: Speaking of reboots, they're giving another shot at this franchise with Scoob, and--you know what, the original show is easy enough to find. Maybe we can just watch some of that.

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