Friday, September 18, 2020

This Day in TV History: Make way for THE EQUALIZER!

 35 years ago today, CBS unleashed The Equalizer on the nation! Edward Woodward is the titular figure in this action drama, with Robert Lansing in support:

The series lasted 4 seasons and 88 episodes, mostly on Wednesday nights at 10:00, though it also aired Thursdays.  Never a huge hit, it faced off against Hotel and St. Elsewhere its first two seasons, then got Dynasty against it on ABC.  Its final season, it was moved to 9:00, where it squared off against sitcoms--The Wonder Years and Hooperman on ABC and Night Court and Baby Boom (remember that one?) on NBC.

The series has not had a high profile in reruns this millennium--or ever, that I can recall--but it is available on (it's a Universal production ). Anyone interested in us tackling this one on the podcast someday?

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