Saturday, September 12, 2020

Top Ten #85

Tomorrow is a busy day at BOTNS (good things are coming), so we are posting the Top Ten a little early this week:

1) John Schuck: "The great" John Shuck was the subject of some interesting chatter in our Facebook group lately.  Here he is in one of his not-so-great projects:

2) Taxi: Premiered on this date in 1978. Odds that Judd Hirsch was already angry about something on September 13?

Here's a promo for the following week's episode:

3) Diana Rigg: R.I.P. to one of the great icons of British TV--nay, TV, period. I mean this as a sincere compliment: Many who grew up in the BOTNS era talk about her the way we talk about Erin Gray.

4) Rick Moranis: The former SCTV star returned to performing this week--sort of--with a commercial spot.

5) Phyllis George: On this date in 1970, the recently deceased George became Miss America.

6) Star Trek: The world celebrated the premiere of the Original Series (and the Animated Series, which debuted on the same calendar date) with Star Trek Day. OK, and some other Trek series, too.

7) The Doobie Brothers: The Professor of Rock's YouTube channel featured an interview with two of the guys talking about that time they took down a bootlegging ring.  No, they actually talked about "China Grove." An opportunity missed there, I think.

8) The Smurfs: The cartoon series premiered on NBC on this date in 1981, and for some of us that theme song has been in our heads ever since.

9) Nina Blackwood: Happy birthday to the the second-coolest of the original MTV VJs (Let's face it, it's a 4-way tie behind J.J. Jackson).

10) Kevin Dobson: R.I.P. to the star of Knots Landing and Kojak.

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