Sunday, September 20, 2020

Top Ten #86

 1) Cloris Leachman and Julia Louis Dreyfus: As we wait for the Emmys tonight, let's celebrate the two women who share the record for most acting wins--8.

That's these two, in case it wasn't clear.

2) Ed Asner: Asner holds the record for most Emmy wins by a male star, with 7 (5 for Lou Grant, two for miniseries roles). We can't confirm the rumor that Cloris Leachman still acts "only because I have to hold off that SOB Asner."

3) Joanna Cameron: Happy birthday to the one, true Isis, the lovely and talented Joanna Cameron. I think one of the worst things about the rise of the terrorist group in the mid 2010s was the possibility it would make it even more difficult to find The Secrets of Isis.

4) Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell: The short-lived flop variety show premiered 45 years ago tonight, and I sure wish full episodes were available. Not a lot of footage out there, but Mason Reese was on that first show, so here's a clip with him:

5) Good Times: Seth MacFarlane is involved with a reboot that's coming, but don't worry, folks, they can't take away our memories.

6) The Cosby Show: The sitcom premiered today in 1984.

(Steps back in silence and calls for the next entry in the list)

7) National Pepperoni Pizza Day: Or as it's known in my household, every day.

8) Anne Meara: The late actress was born this day in 1929.

9) Anthony Denison: Happy birthday to the former Ray Luca from the great (well, for one season, anyway) Crime Story.

10) Head of the Class: Warner Archive announced it is releasing the second season of the sitcom on DVD in late October. Of course we discussed a first season episode on the podcast. What a Country remains unavailable on home video.

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