Saturday, September 26, 2020

YouTube Spotlight: Maureen McCormick for Burger King

We try to be positive and respectful of the actors who entertain us in a difficult, often cruel profession.  So please don't take this as snarky when I say I was alarmed to see Maureen McCormick in a Burger King commercial filmed a couple of years after The Brady Bunch:

Now, there's also a Barry Williams Shasta ad in our video playlist this week, but that's different because it's plausible to interpret it as Barry Williams BEING Barry Williams even with the Renaissance Faire garb.. Poor McCormick is, for all the audience knows, an employee at a Burger King (And while I'm at it, 'nuff respect to the BK employees out there serving me at the drive-thru). Oh, we know she's not actually an employee, but the fact that she is playing one and isn't just, hey, it's Maureen McCormick, and I LOVE Burger King, is a sad reminder of how difficult it can be for actors and especially child actors.

There isn't anything wrong with being in a fast food ad, but on the heels of a 5-year run as an iconic (even then) TV character? That's rough.

Rosey Grier is awesome in this, by the way.

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