Sunday, September 6, 2020

Top Ten #84

1) Ed McMahon: I think our contract with you, our listeners/readers, should be that whenever someone posts a cool commercial with BOTNS superstar Ed McMahon, we put him in the top 10.

2) Tom Seaver: R.I.P. to the former host of Greatest Sports Legends...oh, and also one of the greatest starting pitchers of the 20th century.

3) Coach: IMDB TV added all seasons this month. The show began in 1989, so it is technically eligible for the podcast!

4) The Harlem Globetrotters: Check out this sweet (Georgia Brown) clip of the former TV mainstays doing their thing on The Ed Sullivan Show:

5) National Read a Book Day:  We suggest Hailing Taxi by Lovece and Franco, but you could also read a book that's not about a television show.

6) The Ghost Busters: The Saturday morning live-action comedy debuted on this day in 1975.

7) Susan Powell: On this day in 1980, Powell was named the 1981 Miss America in the annual pageant as it was broadcast on NBC. The trained opera singer also hosted Home Matters for Discovery networks.

8) Jane Curtin: The SNL and Kate&Allie star was born this day in 1947.

9) Swoosie Kurtz: Happy birthday to the star of Love, Sidney!

10) Every streaming service that is free: Nice of Disney to give people access to Mulan, but 30 bucks on top of a monthly fee? Makes me appreciate that I can watch old Unsolved Mysteries for free on about 10 different channels if I so desire.

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