Thursday, July 15, 2021

Show Notes: Episode 9-5: Alice

 *There's a newwwww pod in town, and it's feeling good! OK, I'll stop now.

*Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) with Ellen Burstyn was a big hit. Burstyn won Best Actress at the Oscars, but the movie also won a nomination for Original Screenplay for writer Robert Getchell. Diane Ladd, later Belle on the series, won a Supporting Actress nomination for playing Flo in the film.

*Mother, Juggs, and Speed (note the extra "g") was the adaptation of the Raquel Welch/Harvey Keitel/Some other guy film. ABC burned off the unsold pilot in August 1978. The name change was due to concern from the network that a female character have a double entendre name. See, "Juggs" is not a reference to breasts because it is a nickname derived from her surname, Juggston.

*Alice aired an impressive 9 seasons and 185 episodes.

*"Mel's Recession" is episode 23 of the second season. It premiered Sunday, April 2, 1978 on CBS prceding the series premiere of Dallas and following 60 Minutes, Rhoda and short-lived On Our Own.

ABC had The Young Pioneers and a presentation of High Plains Drifter.

NBC led off with The Wonderful World of Disney (part 1 of The Barefoot Executive), followed by Project UFO and TV movie Love's Dark Ride.

*The E! True Hollywood Story of Alice ***

*The waitresses by season in which they were featured:
Alice and Vera 1-9
Flo 1-4 (left midway through 4)
Belle 4-5 (left midway through season 5)
Jolene 5-9

*Rick's Power Rankings of diner regulars:
1) Henry: Clear no-doubter number one (Marvin Kaplan)
2) Earl (Dave Madden)
3) Charlie (Ted Gehring)
4) Chuck (Duane Campbell)
5) Jason (Patrick Cronin)

*Rick's Power Rankings of series catchphrases:
1) Kiss my grits!
2) Stow it!
3) Dinghy broad!
4) When donkeys fly!
5) Mel's self-satisfied chuckle

*The 1982 feature film Kiss My Grits stars Bruce Davison, Susan George, and Bruno Kirby. The action flick is not connected to Alice. I love this description of the Jack Starrett-directed movie from a commenter on Letterboxd: "Basically a Hee haw version of Out of the Past."

*Here's some info on Flo's favorite catchphrase. According to this piece, the show changed from the original, "Kiss my honeydew," which flopped.

*Thanks again to friend of the show Kevin for inspiring this show idea!

*For the record, I still do kind of want to buy season 5.

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