Sunday, July 18, 2021

Top Ten #125

1) Alice: Can you believe it took till our ninth season to get to this sitcom? Or is it harder to believe that this sitcom lasted 9 seasons itself?

2) Crisis on Infinite Norman Lears: The fantastic event Mike and I have alluded to on the podcast (and by alluded to, I mean BS'ed about and thought it sounded funny) became one step closer to reality this week when Amazon dumped multiple Lear series onto its Prime Video and IMDB-TV platforms. Great move, Amazon, and you saved a lackluster July for classic TV fans. Now how about making IMDB-TV shows free for those who actually pay for Prime?

3) Vic Tayback: Mel Sharples rules! Sure, he's stingy, grouchy, and chauvinistic, but that usually lasts for only about 22 minutes, and he's much better in the last minute or two.

4) Marvin Kaplan: I'm sure the late great character actor would have been honored to learn he topped my Power Rankings of Diner Regulars. He's also #1 on my list of TC's Gang Members:

5) Linda Lavin: I guess we should give the star of the show some love, huh? I mean, the show is called Alice, not Mel, Henry, nor Flo. Wait, that last one sounds familiar.

6) "Kiss my grits!": If you could pick one phrase to epitomize the rise of "Southern chic" of the late 1970s, it would probably be something else--maybe a Billy Carter quote? But this one would be no lower than number 6!

7) Tommy and Vera: Honestly, I feel bad about leaving them out so far. Tommy wasn't even in the episode we covered!

8) Audrey Landers: Happy birthday to someone who, as you might imagine, shows up a lot in the shows we cover for the podcast. In fact, I think I have seen her a handful times just in things we are doing this season!

9) Jackee: Because a waiting room I was in happened to have Days of Our Lives running, and I saw her and thought, "Hey, it's Jackee!" Good a reason as any to put her in the top ten, right?

10) R.I.P.: Paul Orndorff, Charles Robinson, and a special word for Rebecca Schaeffer, who was killed on this day in 1989.

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