Sunday, July 11, 2021

Top Ten #124

1) Dick Van Dyke: The venerable screen icon was on fire in this week's PSA episode of the podcast. He proved he could do much more than testify to the importance of ottoman avoidance. Here's DVD in action again:

2) Timer: The enigmatic figure at the heart of so many essential Saturday morning PSAs. Actually, he was in the heart in some of them.

3) Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns: Two more stars of our latest podcast; I am still hoping someone will unearth a lost pilot featuring those two teaming up to take down drug traffickers.

4) Bob McGrath: OK, so one website lists today as his birthday, and I reserved a slot for him on the list, only to find out apparently he was born June 13? Well, you know what, Bob McGrath deserves a spot on ANY top ten list!

5) Alfonso Ribiero: What can I say? He was never Carlton to me. He was that kid singing his heart out in this spot:

6) Sela Ward: Happy 65th! She's no Bob McGrath, but at least she was actually born on this day!

7) Bruce McGill: Happy birthday to the great character actor who was the focal point of one of the great episodes of Miami Vice, "Out Where the Buses Don't Run." Check out this cool fan-made trailer for the episode:

8) 7-Eleven: July 11--Get it? Yes, it's 7-Eleven day! It's not just for giant slushies and stale hot dogs anymore. It sells stale burritos, too!

9) The Newlywed Game: Debuted this day on 1967 right in the buh...eginning of the week.

10) R.I.P.: Chick Vennera, Richard Donner, William Smith

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