Saturday, July 24, 2021

YouTube Spotlight: No, there wasn't a "Johnny Bench Show," unfortunately...right?

When I was collecting clips for this week's Baseball Bunch playlist, I got a big surprise when I saw a video from singer Lyn Christopher's official channel:

Note that the title of the clip says "Johnny Bench Show." What? There WAS a Johnny Bench Show?

Well, no, not quite. Though Bench was on many entertainment programs, including his multiple-episode run on Hee Haw, he never had his own talk show, per se.

Or did he? Christopher herself lists The Johnny Bench Show as one of her appearances when recounting her resume on social media, and makes it distinct from The Mike Douglas Show. Note in the clip below, Johnny refers to "Mike." Yet this doesn't look like the Douglas show.

Was this a pilot or test run that didn't get picked up? I can't find any info on a Johnny Bench Show. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?

Here is a brief bit of the interview they did:

Christopher released one album (self-titled) in 1973 with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on backing vocals!

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