Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Batty Chatter: SNUBS and SURPRISES

The unique format of the Battys means that the SNUBS, or what one might consider SNUBS, aren't known until the actual ceremony. This means there is a lot to process on Batty Night. Therefore I am taking the time today to talk about some of what I am hearing after talking to sources, hanging around street corners, and peeping in windows...

One of the biggest SNUBS of the Battys is Catherine O'Hara for Outstanding Female. At least she got a nod in the listener-determined SCTV cast member poll...Timothy Van Patten was snubbed for Outstanding Male despite being a nominal lead on The Master.  Industry insiders tell me they believe he should be thankful for his Biggest Dope award...

Speaking of dope, as we mentioned on the air, cocaine was a surprise exclusion from that category. Its exclusion from the awards is a good thing overall, sources believe...Dirk Benedict hopefully takes his snub for Best Hair with good spirits, but it must be tough seeing co-star Richard Hatch get that nod over him...

Timer's questionable status in the Non-Human category inspired some controversy, with several observers pointing fingers at the prestigious Blue Ribbon committee. Perhaps someone needs a hunk a' cheese?

Bonar Bain's absence from the show hurt many. "Couldn't he get a Supporting Male nod?" one told me. Some have lobbied for guest star categories, with others fearing it would thin out the performance categories too much...Marvin Kaplan of Alice is another painful exclusion.  If you had told me before the season that we would cover Alice and not give Kaplan or Henry a single Batty nom, I would have said you were crazy...

One of the unusual sets of "snubs" is in the Outstanding Youth category. Sharp-eyed fans might wonder why popular characters like Tommy (Alice) and Boxey (Battlestar Galactica) aren't there--that is, unless they are sharp-eyed enough to realize they weren't in the episodes we discussed!

The Chicken's bizarre inclusion in the Facial Hair category puzzled many, even the two of us during the show...Battlestar's overall performance (just one win) was a disappointment to some fans who noted our enthusiasm for the series and its spot in the often-significant series finale position.

On the positive side, most thought the show came off well despite the unconventional venue of Jim Rockford's trailer. "Was it a little cramped? Sure," said one longtime Batty expert.  "Yet everything pales in comparison to, say, the vastness of the astral plane," where the Battys took place several seasons ago. "It didn't affect the show."

Andrea Martin's Outstanding Female win delighted fans of the beloved veteran performer...The new Outstanding Hairpiece category drew plaudits as well.

Perhaps one of the bigger upsets is a song from a PSA winning a Batty over multiple numbers from musically oriented programs like Soul Train and Christmas in July.  Not so fast, though. "Doesn't surprise me," one jaded Batty follower passed along. "Brooks has been lobbying for a show about PSAs for years, and he got his wish."

Much of the chatter after the awards concerned the relative lack of disagreement in many of the awards, including some categories thought to be more bitterly contested. "Does it mean that Rick and Mike are on the same page? Do they need to shake it up more? Were some of the categories not competitive enough? I don't know," pondered one source.  Another was quick to point out, "Don't let (the relative general agreement in many categories) fool you.  These guys have been doing this a long time. There were some agonizing decisions in this show."  Personally, I agree, but then, I also happen to be one of the voters.


  1. The biggest shock was the loss of the theme song to The Rockford Files due to Mike's irrational hatred of its harmonica. While Rick preferring Battlestar Galactica's theme is just weird (and I watched the show when it first aired), it could have at least gone to the random number generator. :-)

  2. I believe Battlestar Galactica's win in best theme over Munsters and Rockford was like when Marisa Tomei won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress...shocking just