Sunday, December 5, 2021

Top Ten #144

1) HBO: James Andrew Miller's new oral history has everyone buzzing about the network and asking the question, "How many pages does 1st and Ten get?"

2) International Ninja Day: Time for another marathon of The Master! Do you think max will get The Master a gift? Probably a tie. Yeah, I bet he got him a tie.

3) Live Before a Studio Audience airs Tuesday on ABC:
forget Jennifer Aniston as Blair. I have my eye on how Ann Dowd is gonna play Edna.

4) Walt Disney: Walt turns 120 today (insert joke about cryogenics). I think we can all agree that the best way t honor his legacy is to put the 1978 Spider-Man series on Disney Plus.

5) The American West of John Ford: This special premiered on CBS 50 years ago tonight and featured John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Jimmy Stewart. I presume it went with the legend. By the way, how come John Wayne never had a sitcom?

6) Connie Needham: Happy birthday to the former Elizabeth from Eight Is Enough.

7) Kojak: One of the best videos I saw all week was Brick Mantooth's look at vintage Kojak toys! There's my Christmas list all sorted, then.

8) Miami Vice and Knight Rider: The two series both debut on Peacock this month, with the former joining Roku Channel's lineup as well and the latter also appearing on Netflix, of all places.

9) COZI CONDENSED BOLD It's still featured at the bottom of the COZI homepage! This series is the runaway hit of the year!

10) R.I.P. Eddie Mekka:

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