Thursday, December 23, 2021

Season 9 Batty Awards By the Numbers

Today I'm taking one last look (uh, for now) at the Season 9 Battys. I thought the list of Batty wins by show was interesting:

Rockford Files: 5
Fantasy Island: 2
Battlestar: 1
Alice: 2
SCTV: 2 (NOTE: Not counting non-competitive categories Genius Award and the all-SCTV Best SCTV Cast Member Award)
Battlestar: 1
Rudolph and Frosty: 1
The Master: 1
The Munsters: 1

Killdozer, Soul Train, Baseball Bunch, Thundarr = 0

(The PSA episode earned 3 Battys for various spots we covered)

Also, I want to acknowledge the comments on Tuesday's post pointing out the biggest upset on the show may have been Battlestar winning for its theme song (the only category it won!) over iconic tunes like Rockford and Munsters. I think the one thing people are passionate about above all else is theme songs!

Finally, after the show, Mike thought of one other snub, a massive one that makes me question the sanity of the Blue Ribboners: C-3PO and R2-D2 could have been--many might think should have been--considered for Outstanding Non-Human for their work in the PSA episode. Our apologies to the two legendary performers.

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