Sunday, December 26, 2021

Top Ten #157

1) A Charlie Brown Christmas Still the greatest, the bestest, the Charlie Browniest, it's the special so nice I watched it twice this weekend:

2) Boxing Day: Today is the holiday that, as we all know, was established by the late Ferdie Pacheco:

3) Dance Fever Christmas Special: Each day in our Facebook group for the last two weeks, I posted a seasonal TV special or episode I had watched. Well, yesterday's may be the best of the lot: A complete 1980 edition of the long-running syndicated music show, complete with appearances by David Copperfield and celebrity judges Robert Blake, Batty-nominated Chad Everett, and Connie Francis (and their daughters)!

4) Santa Claus: I hope Santa was as good to all of you as he was to me. What a guy!

5) Pat Morita: Another TV holiday highlight for me was the Christmas episode of O'Hara. I'm guessing that's not one that shows up on every "must see" list each season, but I had to honor what I consider my own O'Hara action figure:

6) Yule Log: Often imitated, I grant you, yes; but the PIX 11 was the absolute best:

7) K-Mart: Call me crazy, but I MISS K-Mart. Hey, I got a lot of the toys of my youth there. In 2021, though, it's hard to envision a time when we would have gone there for car stereos:

8) Frosty the Snowman: Congrats again to recent Batty winner Frosty for entertaining millions and helping make the season bright:

9) The Kennedy Center Honors (1981): Cary Grant was among the honorees at the 1981 edition of the annual event broadcast 40 years ago tonight:

10) R.I.P. Corporal Kirschner:


  1. I miss K-Mart too. The mall where our K-Mart was is completely gone.

    1. Now that you mention it, I kinda miss malls, too, if you know what I mean.