Friday, December 17, 2021

R.I.P. Merle Kitty

I'm sorry to announce that we lost friend of the show and beloved pet Merle this week after a sudden illness. He was a rescue cat adopted by Laurie several years before she met me, and he quickly became an essential part of my life, then our life together.

Merle was a great pal and a friendly guy who loved nothing more than a good lap on which to sit, and he was also the loudest cat I have ever known. I mean general all-around noise, as in his dramatic snoring; his tendency to make noises announcing himself, such as when he jumped up on a table; and his vast assortment of sneezes.

His desire to be around people combined with that affectionate noisiness meant that Merle made several inadvertent walk-ons on Battle of the Network Shows. Sometimes he was in the background, and sometimes he interrupted recording with some shenanigans. I think he loved being part of the show!

His favorite episodes that we did were Tucker's Witch because of the cat; Darkroom because of the cat; and for some reason, Hardcastle and McCormick. Merle, one of these days we'll get around to Heathcliff!

Mike and I dedicate this season's Battys to Merle, a great friend of ours who would have been a great friend of yours if he you ever met him. If you are so inclined, raise a Lowenbrau or any beverage of your choice (he was a strict water man) to Merle's memory.  Good-bye, buddy.

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