Sunday, December 19, 2021

Top Ten #156

1) Rockford Files: We once again salute the big winner at this season's Batty Awards, a great show that Mike and I enjoy very much! I just hope that Jim doesn't have to hock the Batty to pay for--well, to pay for something. Jim has a lot of weird things happen to him.

2) Battlestar Galactica: BSG gave Rockford a run for its money in the major categories and took home a few awards of its own. Remember this outstanding performance. Keep it in your hearts. You might need it if we ever get to Galactica 1980.

3) Night Court: Finally, finally, finally the iconic 80s sitcom is on streaming. Unfortunately, it's not on HBO Max, and it's not even on Prime Video, but WB has licensed it to Amazon instead of putting it on its own SVOD service. And let's not have the discussion now about Amazon taking old shows and putting them on free IMDB-TV with ads instead of the paid service or even letting Prime members see the shows without ads.

No, let's be grateful the show is finally available. I think I need to cool down a bit now so I can get back into the gratitude mindset.

4) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe/She-Ra: And AGAIN, Amazon puts--Oh, wait, no, these two shows were quietly added to Prime Video this week. hey, good for you, Amazon. BUT STILL!

5) Have I Got a Christmas for You: This Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation premiered in 1977. It's a cheesy and entertaining hour with Milton Berle, Harold Gould, Herb Edelman, Adrienne Barbeau, and many other familiar faces in a story of the Jewish community planning to relieve their Christian friends on Christmas by taking over their jobs so they can be with their families. Recommended for those who enjoy Christmas specials as well as era shows like Love Boat.

6) The Homecoming: A Christmas Story: 50 years ago tonight, this CBS TV movie introduced us to The Waltons. The nation's collective wholesomeness went up 10 points.

Then, 6 months later, some burglars were arrested at the Watergate..

7) Mike Lookinland: happy birthday to the multiple Season 8 Batty winner (Outstanding youth AND heel as Bobby Brady)!

8) Columbo: Author David Koenig has made several entertaining podcast appearances to promote his new Shooting Columbo book, including the Amazing Colossal Podcast and TV Confidential. I don't have the book, but I wonder if he mentions our coverage of the show in our Season 8?

9) Elaine Joyce: Happy birthday!

10) R.I.P. : Ken Kragen (producer/organizer), Joe Siegman , and the great Merle Kitty.

Kragen organized Hands Across America, and Siegman produced The Comedy Shop among many other programs:

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