Tuesday, March 15, 2022

BOTNS Investigates and REPUDIATES an earlier post

When we spotlighted the TV movie Hunter last week, we acknowledged that it may not have avtually aired on that date 50 years ago. Well, we did a deeper dive and broadened our search to include some primary sources, and now we can report that it did NOT in fact run at 9:00 PM EST on March 10, 1972.

What did air on that night after O'Hara, United States Treasury was a different TV movie: Goodbye, Raggedy Ann, which itself had debuted in October 1971. In this picture, Mia Farrow is a troubled Hollywood actress who attempts to turn her life around by marrying a rich guy played by John Colicos! Hal Holbrook is her friend who apparently tries to save her from instability and, more importantly, from John Colicos.

Also in the cast are Genius Award winner Ed Flanders, Martin Sheen, and Walter Koenig! It sounds like quite a movie, but it ain't Hunter!

Why did one notable site have the movie wrong and another have a big blank space in that timeslot? I don't know, but I do appreciate the effort those free sites have put into building semi-decent databases.  There are many inconsistencies in old listings, and even original newspaper and TV Guide records may not be accurate because of pre-emptions and last-minute changes.  

I wish we had a big TV listings database where one could go to find this stuff without the hassle (and expense in some cases) of perusing old PDF files. There could be a site maintained by the community to make corrections, updates, notes, etc. Until then we have to do our best and try to use multiple sources to see what aired when.

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