Friday, March 18, 2022

Show Notes: Bonus episode--Catching Up/Fame Game

*I actually don't have a ton this week, but it feels good to be doing Show Notes again!

*Thanks again for your patience, and we look forward to joining you again for our upcoming new season!

*Mama's Family, the Vicki Lawrence sitcom that sprung from the sketches on The Carol Burnett Show, ran 6 seasons, two on NBC and 4 in first-run syndication.

*One in a Million is streaming on Crackle. 

*Shout out to Genius Award winner Jeffrey Scott! He won the honor at our Season 8 Battys.

*As of this writing, Facts of Life is no longer streaming on a major service (that we know of) despite past stints on Crackle, Roku Channel, and Pluto TV.

*The Facebook group we mention is right here. It's very easy to join!

*Congratulations again to...ME! Yes, congrats to Mike and me for the new developments in/additions to our families. Sky point to the late great Merle!

*Night Court is streaming on IMDB-TV, free with ads.

*You can still see The Rockford Files on multiple streaming outlets, including Peacock, IMDB-TV, and Roku Channel.

*The official David Letterman YouTube channel we discuss is right here, and Don Giller's channel is still going, too.

*Check out our YT playlist for an interesting episode of Solid Gold co-hosted by Frank Sinatra.

*Listen to our Medical Center episode right here!

*Our thanks as always to Bobby and the BOTNS Orchestra for their fine work in the Fame Game this week!

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