Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Streaming Video for March has many surprises

Tubi and Crackle released their lists late, making March 1 a day filled with more surprises than the usual first of the month. The two free streamers lead the way once again in delivering "new" 1970s/1980s television content.

Crackle gives us Tour of Duty (whole series, though I only see season 1 as of this writing), the whole series of Riptide, and a real rarity: 1982's Angie Dickinson vehicle Cassie and Company. I don't think any of those 3 series has streamed anywhere before. For good measure, Crackle added Stingray.

Tubi continued to show love for short-lived Warner Brothers genre shows, adding The Man from Atlantis. Even bigger is its acquisition of Maverick to join Bret Maverick, which it posted last month. Just to prove it's not only snapping up WB shows, though, Tubi also gained McCloud and Grady from Universal and Sony, respectively. And if it already had Airwolf, I either hadn't noticed or had forgotten!

Continuing the "free with ads" theme, IMDB-TV added two new shows because why "waste" them on people who pay for Prime? Adam-12 and Falcon Crest are new to the service this month.

Pluto added the rest of Webster. Paramount Plus did nothing. 

Peacock and Disney Plus are sitting out the month as well so far. That's disappointing, but the biggest letdown of all is something that would have been one of the oddest surprises in recent memory. HBO Max's corporate overlords released a list a week or so ago with the March 2022 additions, and on that list was Starsky and Hutch (1975). 1975! That would mean the TV show. Why in the world would HBO Max get the Sony-owned 1970s cop show?

Well, it didn't. It was the Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson movie, of course. Oh, well.

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