Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Inside the Guide: TV Guide 40 years ago this week (April 28-May 4, 1984) Part 2

Rolling on with this Albany edition of the Guide from 40 years ago this week!

Monday is dominated by reruns, but I enjoyed a few of the ads. I can't help but admire this low-key local ad for daily Love Boat reruns. No official art, no photos, just a list of the guests. Was this done with any involvement with the syndicator?

Then look at this striking ad for a show I don't remember seeing: First-run syndie Video Hits.

I think people forget that music videos were not just the domain of MTV. There were shows like this all over the place, plus Radio 1990 on USA, Friday Night Videos on NBC, and occasional filler blocks of music like HBO's Video Jukebox.

Let's close on a serious note with this ad and close-up based on a re-air of Adam, the movie based on John Walsh's efforts to find his kidnapped son.

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