Sunday, May 5, 2024

Top Ten #300!

1) The Rockford Files: Mike was on the great 200 Dollars a Day Plus Expenses podcast with Friend of the Show Steve and Dave. I listen to a lot of podcasts at double speed to save time, but for this one, I listened at one-quarter speed to prolong the experience.

2) 300: Hey, what a nice round number! I set my goals big, so my next milestone is gonna be 305. I think I can make it! Maybe we can match Knots Landing's number of episodes (344).

Here's a nice 300 moment to enjoy:

3) Phil Donahue: The iconic talk host was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, but more importantly, the man was on in Albany 3 times with 3 different episodes at the same time!

4) The New Fred and Barney Show: I recently discovered the From Pencils to Pixels podcast, and I was delighted last week to discover the hosts just released a tribute--including an audio commentary--to this NBC "modern" Flintstones series.

5) National Cartoonists Day: May you not be interrupted by your daughters' annoying friend Monroe today so that you can get a few strips done.

6) Free Comic Book Day/Star Wars Day: Hope you got something cool yesterday and maybe spent some money supporting a local business.

7) Frankenstein: The True Story: This 1973 British TV movie with Jane Seymour (not as the Monster), James Mason, David McCallum, and Leonard Whiting is the subject of a book by Sam Irvin, who just won a Rondo Award for Best Writer!

8) Goldfinger: 50 years ago tonight, ABC reran this classic James Bond flick. I believe it would be on ABC and TBS approximately 00700 times over the next 20 years.

9) The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp: The series was added to FreeVee this week, and it was also announced as joining FETV's lineup. Why mention a 1955 TV series here? Well, because we love Fifties TV, too, but also because it stars BOTNS legend Hugh O'Brian!

10) Cinco de Mayo: OK, some say it's a not a real holiday. I don't care if it gives Sony an excuse to post another episode of Viva Valdez.

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