Sunday, May 19, 2024

Top Ten #302

1) Webster: As we mentioned in our post the other day, 40 years ago (ish), Webster had to make the biggest decision of his life: Whether to tape the new Bob Hope special or to do a lucrative personal appearance at a mall in San Diego.

2) Broadcast networks: TV used to revolve around them, and the upfronts were a big deal. The just-concluded ones were lower-key. I think we should have some "downfronts" and celebrate what was gonna be new in Fall 1984.

3) Ricardo Montalban: "Corinthian" may not be in the dictionary, but if you want a definition of "charming," watch this great interview the actor did with David Letterman.

4) David Hartman: Happy 89th birthday to the former Good Morning America host. I am pretty sure he did not have a long-running feud with Bryant Gumbel.

5) Barnaby Jones: 50 years ago tonight, CBS ran the episode "Gold Record for Murder," in which GENIUS winner Marjoe Gortner stars in a story about a hot songwriter whose parents ask for Barnaby's help when he is found dead of a heroin overdose. That is, the writer is found dead. Barnaby is just trying to remember what happened to his Mills Brothers records. Also in the episode are Leonore Kasdorf and Meg Foster.

By the way, both Gortner and Buddy Ebsen sing in the episode!

6) Carol Lynley: Just listened to Ed Robertson interview Lynley biographer Tom Lisanti on the podcast version of the TV Confidential radio program. Lynley, of course, enlisted Roarke's help in fighting a formidable foe on Fantasy Island.

7) Baby names: The list of most popular names came out again, and once again "Rewind" and "Stubbs" failed to make the top 10.

8) Classic Creatures: 40 years ago today, CBS reran a special devoted to Return of the Jedi.

9) Dabney Coleman: A week after we do our voting for a Gary Coleman TV movie to discuss, we lose the great Dabney Coleman. Fortunately, Jack Coleman of Dynasty is still alive and well.

10) R.I.P. Bob Ellison, David Sanborn, Gloria Stroock:

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