Sunday, May 12, 2024

Top Ten #301: Special "301 is almost as cool a number as 300!" Edition!

1) Gary Coleman: We asked for votes to determine the TV movie we will discuss in the upcoming season of the podcast, and you spoke! We'll keep the winner a secret for now, but I can tell you that it won't be this one (It wasn't a selection). It might be too intense for our coveted 2-11-year-old demographic anyway.

2) Mother's Day: Have a happy holiday, everyone, whether you're a mother or not. Antenna TV offers a Family Ties marathon, or you can take out your DVDs and let Mom her real Eighties fave: Tour of Duty.

3) The Fall Guy: The new movie may not be huge, but the show is on Thursdays and Heroes and Icons, and we still have our memories of it. Hey, remember a few days ago when we posted this awesome 1984 ad?

Seriously, I need to see this episode. I only wish it were Dave Winfield and not Paul Winfield guest-starring.

4) Pulitzer Prizes: Just seeing the announcement of the 2024 winners made me want to see some Lou Grant.

5) Pee Wee's Playhouse: The iconic Eighties show is now streaming on Shout! TV or, if you aren't into needing 60 minutes to see a 22-minute show, Tubi.

6) Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special: 40 years ago tonight, CBS reran this 1979 special, which co-stars fan favorite Granny.

(I doubt she is a fan favorite, but, come on, it's a day for grandmas, too).

7) Tom Selleck: The TV star has a new memoir out this week, and it seems like he has some cool stories, including one related to generating publicity for the Magnum series finale. As someone who saw the ad bwlow dozens of times in the Eighties, I want to see an ad with him holding up the book and saying, "Of course I love the humor. It's a very funny book."

8) Saturday Night Live: On this night in 1984, Saturday Night Live took an unusual approach to its ninth-season finale, bringing back 5 guests to serve as hosts: Betty Thomas, Billy Crystal, Edwin Newman, Ed Koch, and Father Guido Sarducci. Talk about overkill, SNL! You had me again at "Edwin Newman."

9) Apple's Way: 50 years ago tonight, the short-lived Earl Hamner sitcom reached its apex with guest star (and BOTNS fave) Alan Fudge making an appearance.

10) R.I.P. Jeannie Epper: Lynda Carter gave a wonderful tribute to her stunt double on Facebook.

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