Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Inside the Guide: TV Guide 40 years ago this week(ISH) (April 28-May 4, 1984) Part 11: The articles!

We wrap up our look at this classic 40-year-old TV Guide with some notes on what was in it apart from the listings. Hey, we all know people who read it for the articles!

In this issue, there are some good ones. I mentioned in this postin this post Kenneth Turan's piece on Battle of the Network Stars. That is my favorite article in the issue! 

Garry Marshall's cover story is a warm look back at Happy Days, which was not officially canceled yet but seemed to be headed there. I question some of Marshall's anecdotes, though. He talks about the famous softball team and how it was one of the ways he tried to keep the team together and keep the younger folks out of trouble. That's great, but he says Henry Winkler was pitching one day and thought he was so big nothing could touch him but was getting lit up. Marshall says he went to the mound and told him he was human, and after that Winkler never had a big head. Marshall is not unkind, but his interpretation seems odd. Isn't it possible Winkler was just upset he was sucking?

The review of the week is one I will not mention now but will mention on the podcast later this season!

A two-page story spotlights missing children in light of the pending reair of Adam.

Barbara Bosson comes off as quirky in her profile, and the news section says USFL executives are pleased with the TV ratings.

In the back, after the listings, we get an interesting but brief look at TV in East Germany and a profile of Harry Morgan, then in AfterMASH.

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