Thursday, March 4, 2021

Happy National Sons Day!

On this National Sons Day, we think it appropriate to celebrate by saluting one of the finest of the many, many television programs featuring familial relationships.  So let's give a big shout to, you guessed it, Joe and Sons:

The sitcom from producer Douglas Cramer (more successful with the likes of Wonder Woman and Love Boat) lasted a mere 13 episodes after the pilot despite some familiar faces in its cast.  Star Richard Castellano is a widower who works at a sheet and tube company while raising his two teenage sons.  Total Television calls it "the only sitcom set in Hoboken, New Jersey!"

Co-creators Bernie Kukoff and Jeff Harris had more luck a bit later with Diff'rent Strokes. This sitcom followed Good Times and preceded Switch Tuesdays at 8:30 on CBS' fall schedule. It was probably squashed by another new sitcom that had that same timeslot: Welcome Back Kotter on ABC, which became a phenomenon paired with lead-in Happy Days (then beginning its second season).

Here's a little more of Joe and Sons:

"What, do you wear this or salute it?"

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