Sunday, March 14, 2021

Top Ten #111

1) Michael Lerner:  Or is it Michael Learned? Check out our latest bonus episode!

2) Michael Learned: Or is it Michael Lerner?

3) Daylight Savings Time: Remember what a pain in the butt it was to account for DST when you were setting up a recording on one of these badboys?

4) Wojeck: I'm very intrigued by this Canadian show, even though it falls outside our timeframe, after reading up about it with regards to our bonus episode this week. John Vernon pre-Quincy'ed television by playing a crusading coroner!

5) Billy Crystal: Happy birthday to the star of Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell.

6) Mitzi Roarin' in the 20s: This special aired on CBS on this night 45 years ago and won Emys for Bob Mackie's costumes and for John Freshci's lighting direction. Watch this clip and admire the lighting direction:

7) The Wizard of Oz: Earlier on that same Sunday in March 1976, CBS started the evening with The Wizard of Oz, which we all remember as a classic annaul St. Patrick's Day tradition. Wait a minute...

8) Rick Dees: Happy birthday to Dees as well. It's Adrian Zmed's birthday, too, but I want to post this:

9) National Potato Chip Day: It's one of America's bestest snacks, and let's watch Justin Wilson telling us why:

10) R.I.P.: Farwell to Frank Lupo and Roger Mudd. We talked earlier this week about Dan Rather's first day as head CBS anchor 40 years ago; Mudd was also in the running for that spot and went to NBC soon after losing it.

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