Sunday, March 21, 2021

Top Ten #112

1) Charlie's Angels: The original pilot movie for the series debuted on this date in 1976. Critics, academics, and social workers hailed it as the dawn of a new era in television, one that would prove there was room for thoughtful depictions of the human condition and not just simple entertainment appealing to prurient interests.

2) National Single Parent Day: Who is your favorite TV single parent? I mean ones that we know of; I'm assuming that Vicki form Small Wonder didn't get knocked up in high school.

Here's one we haven't talked about much on the site:

3) The Greatest American Hero: Yes, it's time for another shout for one of our favorites, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week!

4) The White Shadow: It's a timely marathon on Decades as March Madness gets into gear this weekend and the channel runs 43 episodes of the CBS show we discussed in our first season.

5) Gunsmoke and Mission Impossible: Congrats to the two series for their nominatons for Best Box Set in the Home Entertainment Media Play Awards.  I thought the MI Complete Series box was huge until I saw the Gunsmoke Complete Series box, which I think can be used as a fallout shelter after you remove the discs.

6) Frances McDormand: Congratulations to the former Leg Work actress on her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress!

7) National Countdown Day: Anyone remember short-lived music video countdown show Hot!? It aired in first-run syndication in 1984.  Here's a great summary of what it was about, and here is a clip of the program:

8) Battlestar Galactica (the original, natch) and Buck Rogers: Both series launched on Tubi this week.

9) Hill Street Blues: The episode NBC aired this night in 1981 is titled "I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin," and I have to admit I am still laughing at that.

10) Yaphet Kotto: R.I.P.  Kotto didn't do a ton of regular series TV work until Homicide in 1993, but he was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Idi Amin in 1977's NBC movie Raid on Entebbe (not to be confused with 1976's ABC movie Victory at Entebbe):

He also starred in 1983's short-lived For Love and Honor:

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