Monday, March 22, 2021

Introducing Murder, She Wrote Mondays on BOTNS!

I have a confession to make: After doing prep for our Murder, She Wrote episode, I became-well, not hooked on the show, exactly, but let's just say in my household, we are enamored with our ritual of watching an episode of Murder, She Wrote every Monday--because the show and day start with the same letter, you see--and then committing a real-life murder afterwards.

Just kidding about that last part! What I like to do afterwards is tell my co-conspirator Mike about why the episode was so cool (it almost always is), though I usually wait until the next day to let the episode simmer.

Is the long-running Angela Lansbury vehicle a "great" show? Well, I don't know, but it is a fun show.  The ridiculous plots, the bucolic yet shady Cabot Cove, the endless parade of relatives who get embroiled in murder...It's all great, and that's not even mentioning the show's best asset: Its weekly lineup of guest stars, many of whom are figures we have praised on this very podcast for their work in other vintage television programs.

So now, because Mike suggested it--blame him if you don't like it, but don't blame Amos Tupp-AH, who is a humble lawman just doing his job--I will share these thoughts each Monday with you. We'll start with season 3 since, well, I saw those earlier episodes a while ago.

Here's what you will not get in Murder, She Wrote Monday posts:
*Comprehensive plot summaries
*Video clips
*Detailed production notes and histories

Here's what you will get:

I expect most posts will be focused on something that strikes me about each episode--a guest star, a line of dialogue, an accent, etc. Hopefully we will all have fun with this.

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