Friday, March 12, 2021

Show Notes: Bonus Episode: Michael Learner or Michael Learned?

 *Michael Lerner was born June 22, 1941. Michael Learned was born April 9, 1939.

*Banacek, with George Peppard as an insurance investigator, premiered as part of NBC's mystery wheel in March 1972 and lasted 17 episodes.

*Michael Lerner earned his Supporting Actor award at the 1991 Oscars for Barton Fink. he had the misfortune of sharing the category with Jack Palance, who won for City Slickers. Others nominated that year: Tommy Lee Jones (JFK) and Ben Kingsley and Harvey Keitel for iBugsy.

*Learned won 3 Emmys for her performance on The Waltons and one for Nurse.

*Wojeck, which gave Learned her first TV role, was a 1966-1968 Canadian series starring the great John Vernon as a coroner.

*Learned was on Reading Rainbow in Applemondo's Dreams. The 1994 episode spotlighted the titular book by Patricia Polacco.

*The Police Story with Learned is "Love, Mabel."

*The Police Woman with Lerner is "Tennis Bum."

*The pilot for Police Woman aired as an episode of anthology series Police Story in its first season, then itself ran 5 seasons on NBC. Maybe we should do Police Story or Police Woman next?

*Omen IV: The Awakening is a TV movie that premiered in May 1991 on Fox.

*Learned grew up in D.C.; Lerner grew up in Brooklyn.

*For the record, you see this note when you open Lerner's Wikipedia page: 
Not to be confused with Michael Learned.

Guess what you see when you open Learned's page.

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