Friday, January 7, 2022

Promo Theatre: NBC gives us the Facts in 1984

Here's a great promo for NBC's lineup on March 14, 1984. Note that there is a SPOILER at the end (and in the thumbnail) for a long-running storyline on St. Elsewhere.

There are several things I like about this. First is the sheer incongruity of all these shows together.  Night Court lasted long enough to straddle several eras at NBC, yet still it seems odd to be paired with Facts of Life. And does that comedy combo seem like an obvious lead-in for an intense St. Elsewhere?

The lineup seems even wilder when you consider what preceded the shows spotlighted in this promo. At 8:00, NBC aired a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Mr. T!

The other great thing about the clip is the awesomeness of Danny Dark, but we all know that. In this particular spot, I love the TV announcer shorthand. NBC used to use this a lot, it seems to me, but so many of their shows already had one-word titles--Cheers, FriendsFrasier, Seinfeld... It just strikes me as funny to refer to Facts of Life as Facts as if the series needs no other description.

Did anyone else refer to it like that? "Hey, are you going to give me a ride to the hospital on--" "Sorry, gotta go! Facts is on!"

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