Sunday, January 2, 2022

Top Ten #158: Special "Hey, it's 2022!" Edition

1) Dick Clark: The King of New Year's Eve remains such even in 2022.

2) Happy New Year, Charlie Brown: One of the more underseen Chuck Brown specials is worth it for the wild-and-wooly musical chairs bit alone:

3) Maude: More sitcoms should have New Year's episodes.  The Norman Lear Effect YT channel shared this one last week:

4) National Buffet Day: Let's all go kill those resolutions today! I miss the wings at the Ponderosa.

5) My Three Sons: 50 years ago tonight, the long-running sitcom aired "The Liberty Bell," an episode with Sal Mineo as Jim Bell, an old buddy of Robbie's who wants him to go on a motorcycle trip around the country!

6) Fiesta Bowl: Maybe my favorite "big" bowl game growing up because of the Penn State/Miami game in 1987:

7) Sugar Bowl: Maybe my second-favorite bowl game growing up because of the Penn State/Georgia game in 1983:

8) Orange Bowl: I actually loved the Orange Bowl on NBC, but it was hard to watch PSU get its tail kicked against Oklahoma, and in fact, I really disliked those Big Eight teams each year:

9) John Madden: R.I.P. I could watch a whole documentary about those Miller Lite ads:

10) Betty White: R.I.P. A heckuva run! She is missed already. Crackle is adding Betty White's Pet Set, her syndicated animal-centric show this month.

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