Saturday, January 15, 2022

This (Yester) Day in TV History: Sanford and Son premieres

I feel like a BIG DUMMY for not pointing out the 50th anniversary of Sanford and Son yesterday. So let's celebrate it today!

The show became a huge hit for NBC and an enduring rerun staple despite behind-the-scenes turmoil.  You know, while there has been at least one big bio of Redd Foxx that I know of, I think someone should do a big book about Sanford and Son. There was so much going on with that production, like contract disputes, Demond Wilson irritating people, etc., that it would make for fascinating reading.

I mean, if we can get books about the Civil War, Winston Churchill, and the JFK assassination, we oughta be able to get a decent read about a popular 1970s sitcom, right?

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