Sunday, January 9, 2022

Top Ten #159

1) National Balloon Ascension Day: You know what THAT means! It's time to say hello to our friend Henry Winkler and all his pals at ABC!

2) Betty White: Not that we'd want to or would be able to, but many outlets are making sure we don't forget the late actress. I think the only channel not running a marathon is ESPNU.

3) Houston Knights: Crackle gets 2022 off to a HIGH-OCTANE start with its addition of this short-lived 1980s series:

4) The Pat Sajak Show: debuted this day in 1989.

5) The Rockford Files now on Get-TV: Could the programmers at Get be influenced by the Battys? If so, hey, guys, can you get your hands on Munsters Today?

6) Bionic Woman: Super 7 announced new Reaction Figures (TM, I'm guessing) of the show:

7) Other shows premiering on various diginets this week: Among them, we have Amen and Gimme a Break on Cozi, Welcome Back Kotter on Antenna, and Hawaii Five-0 on Heroes and Icons.

Note that BOTNS does not endorse these presentations and warns that all of those shows will likely be edited, time-sped, credit-crunched, and/or cropped for fake widescreen. Yet we don't want to complain too much about giving people the chance to see old shows for free.

8) Lee Van Cleef: The late star of The Master (sorry, TVP fans) was born on this date in 1925.

9) The Waltons: The series is back on Prime Video so members can enjoy it without ads--oops, no, it's on Amazon's IMDB-TV. Oh, well. We looked at the show when it was on Prime and enjoyed it.

10) Marilyn Bergman: R.I.P.: The late songwriter and hubby Alan had a prolific career for film and TV, including creating themes for Good Times, Alice, and this awesome number:

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