Sunday, June 4, 2023

Top Ten #252

1) Entertainment Tonight: You voted for infotainment, and you GOT infotainment this week on the podcast!

2) Amazon Prime Video: This is becoming the #1 streamer for classic TV, if it weren't already, adding lots of stuff this month and adding it to Prime proper instead of Freevee. We're talking Mannix, Barnaby Jones, Mork and Mindy, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and more for June. Now, they are still adding (I hope) episodes of some of these, but let's give them some time. I think Prime and Freevee now have more Paramount classic shows than Paramount Plus does.

3) Burt Reynolds: His Burtness was all over the first episode of ET, and the ladies in the show tried to get all over him. I guarantee you Burt will return to BOTNS someday. How could he not?

4) John Tesh: Did Mary Hart's legs ever write a theme as awesome as 'Roundball Rock"? I don't think so!

5) There Goes the Neighborhood: This pilot aired 40 years ago tonight on NBC. Buddy Hackett, G.W. Bailey, and Patrick Collins star as 3 hobos who inherit a fortune.Graham Jarvis and Keene Curtis appear, too!

Lee Goldberg's indispensable Unsold Television Pilots quotes another book: In the book The Sweeps, the authors say the pilot was killed by Hackett, who was funny during rehearsals but "froze up" when the camers started rolling, so that his 'screwball attitude congealed into a stilted, painful tightness that brought the entire production down around him."

Would you like to see this? Me, too! Click below! (Note the upload lists the airdate as 4/6/83, but it is really 6/4/83)

In other news, I just purchased a used copy of The Sweeps.

6) CHiPs: All 6 seasons of the show debuted on Plex--free with ads--this week. You know, sometimes in my quieter moments, I reflect and wonder, how in the world have we discussed that series TWICE? But they were good epsiodes, and you should absolutely listen to them here and here.

7) French Open: As play goes on now at Roland Garros, we commemorate the Ladies' Final of 1983 40 years ago today, with 

8) Parker Stevenson: Many versions of the Hardys have appeared through the years, but only one set encountered both Lorne Greene and Paul Williams! Happy birthday to Parker Stevenson.

9) American Gladiators: The syndicated sports entertainment show, which began in 1989, just got a 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN. Ah, yes, I remember seeing The Last Dance a few years ago and thinking, boy, I wish someone would do a comprehensive, three-hour look at American Gladiators!

Who am I kidding? I totally want to see it.

10) R.I.P. Michael Norrel, George Maharis: 

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