Sunday, June 11, 2023

Top Ten #253: Special "Got this up a few hours late" Edition!

1) The Littlest Hobo: We were surprised by the charm of this CTV program and enjoyed discussing it on the podcast. Even more impressive: The class of the Ramada Renaissance, which is proud to host guests of The Littlest Hobo.

Guests of Battle of the Network Shows are encouraged to stay at their own place, but if they want to visit the podcast studio, we can save them a steak and a bottle a'Lowenbrau.

2) Video games: Mike and I loved the fact that arcade owner Nick held such contempt for his own customers in the "Small Change" episode, even the students who were patronizing his business BEFORE school! Hey, maybe he has a point, though. Too much time in front of screens is dangerous in the short and long term.

Now I gotta burn through the rest of the top ten so I can go watch some TV. I think Catchy Comedy has a Taxi marathon this weekend.

3) Clean air: Don't take it for granted! I took a walk the other morning, and outside it looked like the reception on the Altoona channel that carried In Search Of... when I was a kid.

4) The Baseball Bunch: It's a great day to commemorate the Bunch (click here for our podcast episode. 40 years ago this weekend, the great Cal Ripken visited the show, and also The Athletic published this outstanding recent article about the San Diego Chicken (likely paywalled).

5) The Tonys: CBS broadcasts the official ceremony tonight, but this year I'm giving my Outstanding Tony award to Tony Franciosa this year.

6) Mime: Another form of entertainment explored on the podcast this week!

7) Adrienne Barbeau: Happy birthday to the star of Maude/

8) Men's Health Week: I am going to practice good health by watching more TV this week. I believe that was the prescription from Dr. Joe Gannon.

Thanks, Doc! I hear there's a Taxi marathon this weekend, for starters...

9) The Stanley Cup: This space has covered sports a lot in recent weeks, but we haven't mentioned hockey, so, NHL fans, here you go!

10) R.I.P. The Iron Sheik, Barry Newman, and Pat Robertson: Forget politics; I want to give a shout to the old CBN, which had great classic TV late nights in the Eighties:

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