Sunday, June 18, 2023

Top Ten #253: Special Father's Day Edition!

1) Father's Day: Happy, happy day to all you fathers, sons, daughters, and everyone that loves any of them. I guess it's old-fashioned to suggest you go fetch Dad his pipe and slippers. I mean, who wears slippers anymore?

2) The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Of all the series we talk about on this week's bonus episode, this one may be the most blandly fascinating. I enjoyed this article by Herbie J. Pilato covering the history of the program.

3) New Coke: I think I might decide to embrace the conspiracy theory that Coca-Cola tanked this on purpose as a publicity stunt.

4) The New Monkees: I went through a phase where I watched some of the show, sampled some videos, and listened to a few podcasts, and I found myself rooting for the guys...35 years too late.

5) Cheetos: How about some love for the regular non-flaming-hot variety?

6) CPO Sharkey and The Flip Wilson Show: These 1970s programs are now on multiple free streaming platforms along with Shout! TV.

7) Inane banter: A lot of people said the Tonys were better this year because of the lack of stitled scripted humor. Well, I for one want to defend inane banter! Maybe a break from it is OK, but we don't want it to disappear, do we?

8) Bumper Robinson: Happy birthday to the Night Court alumnus. Of all the characters the show introduced over its 9 seasons, Leon was one of them!

9) The Color of Blood: This British movie aired 50 years ago tonight as part of ABC's Wide World of Entertainment package, specifically Wide World of Mystery. A woman on a train mistakes a murderer for a possible business client.

10) R.I.P. Stan Savran, Glenda Jackson: I looked it up, and there is no truth to the rumor that Jackson was the original choice to co-hose Sportsbeat on KBL with Savran.

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