Tuesday, June 27, 2023

YouTube Spotlight: RJ and Stefanie

One of the interesting things about Hart to hart is the strong chemistry the two leads shared on screen even while they were devoted to other people. When you see these clips, check out the comments and see how many people believe that Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers were actually a romantic couple. Isn't it nice to think that a man and a woman, even if potentially compatible as lovers, can be "just" friends?

The quality is a little rough, but you see a mutual affection and comfort in clips like this vintage Good Morning America clip from our Hart playlist:

To me, this clip is a classic example of their chemistry even though the two are promoting another property. This is from 1983's James Bond: The First 21 Years, a special that appeared on ITV and showcased the likes of then-Prez Ronald Reagan!  ABC in 1983 was the network home of the 007 films and of course of Hart to Hart. It's one of my favorite types of celebrity clips: When performers are in character despite appearing as themselves.

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